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Pearsox is a USA manufacturing company that has been in business since 1992. Our line of stock socks are some of the highest quality in the market, priced right. All custom socks, hats, and scarves are proudly made in the USA with the goal to provide the best custom athletic socks on the market with quick turnaround times and low minimums.

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Socks seem self-explanatory, but if you have any specific questions, our list of frequently asked questions is below. It is designed to address any queries about our high-quality, made-in-the-USA products. We pride ourselves on our wide variety of athletic socks - including baseball socks, hockey socks, and custom socks with logo designs.

What is Pearsox?

Pearsox is the place to get socks for your feet. We are a USA-based manufacturing company that has been in business since 1992. We specialize in creating some of the highest quality stock and custom compression socks, baseball socks, hockey socks, and more on the market at competitive prices.

How long has Pearsox been in business?

Pearsox has been in business since 1992. We are one of the first companies to sell custom socks, and to brag, we have over years of experience in developing high-quality, made-in-the-USA athletic socks and other athletic apparel.

What kind of products does Pearsox offer?

The Pearsox family sells a ton of different types of athletic socks for all the sports you can think of! We have the socks for you if you play baseball, hockey, basketball, and more. Our compression socks can even be custom-made with your team's logo. Also, we sell leg warmers, compression sleeves, winter scarves, hats, and more!

What makes Pearsox stock socks unique?

Not only have we been in the business for years, but we are one of the first companies to do customized socks. This shows that our products are of the highest quality in the market and feature moisture-wicking technology, compression socks, breathable fabric, and comfortable support. Only a few companies can say the same.

Where are Pearsox products manufactured?

We are proud to manufacture our custom product and select stock products in USA. In times when most go overseas, it's a priority to have all American-made materials and craftsmanship. This ensures the highest quality standards, quick turnaround times, and low minimums for all of our customers wanting socks. Plus, it's always great to know you support American jobs when purchasing from Pearsox.

What sports are Pearsox athletic socks designed for, like baseball socks?

As we have mentioned, we design socks for all types of sports. Whether you play soccer or basketball or want an athleisure pair of baseball socks with your logo, Pearsox can do it all! Our quality socks have many different features that you will not be able to find anywhere else, including arch support, cushioned footbeds, breathable materials, and more! We also focus on all types of socks, for comfort, style, and of course, performance. 

How can I customize Pearsox socks?

It is easy! Pick out the type of sock you want, then contact our team on the customization specifics for logo socks. We will have a mockup for you in a matter of days and can answer any production questions you may have. Then, soon enough, you will get your custom socks in no time!

Does Pearsox offer other types of athletic apparel?

Yes! We have athletic headwear, jerseys, baseball belts, and even socks for your water bottle! Pearsox can give you top-of-the-line products for you and your team to play in comfort and style no matter what sport you play.

Do you have any tips for taking care of my Pearsox?

We understand sports socks can get dirty, and we try to help that with the moisture-wicking technology found in all of our thicker socks. If the socks do need to be cleaned more frequently, washing your Pearsox apparel in cold water and air-drying them may preserve them best, but our socks can be washed and dried any way you feel is necessary.

Are there any minimums for ordering custom apparel?

Yes, our minimums for custom logo socks tend to fluctuate, but we prefer you to order at least 12 quantities of whatever type of custom socks you want. This way, we can make sure your product is made exactly the way you want it without any additional costs after the design process.

What is the turnaround time for high-quality custom socks?

Our team strives to produce quality products as quickly as possible. The usual turnaround time for custom orders on something like baseball socks is about 2-3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and order quantity of the compression socks. Then, they are right at your doorstep with the artwork or logo of your choosing! Please contact us to learn more about our specific minimum requirements.

How long does it take to receive an order for a custom sock design?

If you live in the United States, you may get your order sooner than others. This is because Pearsox is an American company, and a lot of our products are just a few states away. But customization designs can take time depending on what you want. We like to say most custom sock orders deliver in 2-3 weeks after finalizing the design or logo. 

Do you offer any discounts?

Everyone loves socks, especially some that can save you a little bit of money! We can offer discounts depending on the situation. Please just reach out to us and see, especially if you are ordering large quantities of custom socks. 

Do you ship internationally?

As we are based in the U.S., we may be able to ship internationally but the shipping costs would vary. If that is not an issue then please give us a call and inform us of your location so we can get the order specifications we need and offer the most accurate quote.